Who is NuDay?

Head shot Benny

Benny Dawkins

Benny Dawkins- After 35 years in the Paper Industry producing Safety, inter-personal skills, and job training along with other forms of Corporate Media production, Benny began NuDay Productions. NuDay Productions was started with the goal of providing low cost, high quality video and/or photography services to business and individuals. Recognizing the value in custom video in the  delivery of training and information, NuDay strives to use all the principles of training and marketing to solve our customer’s needs!  Benny holds a BS degree in Marketing and a Certificate in Organizational Design.


 Michael HeadshotMichael Dawkins

Michael holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography Degree from Winthrop University and an Applied Science Diploma in Teleproduction Technology from York Technical College. Michael brings 22 years of photography and videography experience to the NuDay Team, including two years of video editing experience from WBTV News 3 in Charlotte, NC.





Ivan HeadshotIvan Walters

Ivan joined NuDay Productions last year and functions as NuDay’s sales and customer service representative. Ivan can answer any questions you may have about the services NuDay provides that may be useful in improving your marketing, training or safety programs. He can also suggest innovative ways to use video in promoting your brand, improving your corporate training program and making your company’s safety training more effective. If you are already a customer, contact Ivan if you have any questions regarding your account. He will get you an answer pronto. Ivan has worked in retail customer service and has a BA in History and Political Science.


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